The Center on International Cooperation (CIC) is a non-profit research center housed at New York University. Our vision is to advance effective multilateral action to prevent crises and build peace, justice, and inclusion. 

Mission and comparative advantage

Our mission is to strengthen cooperative approaches among national governments, international organizations, and the wider policy community to advance peace, justice, and inclusion.

CIC’s comparative advantage lies in three areas:

  • First, the Center specializes in the links between politics, security, justice, humanitarian responses and sustainable development: we have staff with expertise in these different areas, and as an institution we forge links between them.
  • Second, we focus on analysis and ideas-generation that is principled, practical and policy relevant; ambitious while also being sensitive to evolving political realities and constraints to collective action on international problems.
  • Third, we have built up a strong understanding and relationships of trust with multilateral institutions over the past two decades. In particular, we have a proven track record of working closely with member states and organizational leadership of the United Nations and the International Financial Institutions.

2020-2021 Annual report 

Find out more about some of the work that we are most proud of in the last year in our 2020-2021 Annual Report

Business plan

Our 2021-2023 business plan details our key activities towards advancing peace, justice, and inclusion. 

Download the business plan here.