Center on International Cooperation

The Center on International Cooperation (CIC) creates the ideas, analysis and policies needed to transform international cooperation on leading global challenges, such as increasing peace and security, strengthening fragile states, securing strategic resources and tackling climate change.

We work to: 

Provide expert advice on global conflict and crises. CIC’s Afghanistan-Pakistan Regional Project, for example, hosts private policy dialogues with the Afghan authorities, its neighbors, and other regional and major players, while our widely cited analysis and advice on Libya and Syria delivers key information to the UN and key capitals.

Redefine the international community’s engagement with fragile states – for example through our contributions to the World Development Report 2011 (for which Director Bruce Jones served as Senior External Advisor), the Monrovia Roadmap, and analytical reports such as Development in the Shadow of Violence.

Shape the debate on a new approach to global development – looking beyond the Millennium Development Goals while supporting new approaches to the world’s energy and food crisis, and supporting new approaches to sustainability.

CIC’s experts draw on practical policy experience and research to analyze global change and influence policy responses to evolving risks at the international, regional and country level.

Our publications make original contributions to international scholarship, while supporting informed policymaking among our partners in governments and international institutions, as they navigate critical challenges to security and development.

We also create opportunities for frank exchange among international partners by convening structured dialogues and off-the-record meetings. Through a robust public event series, we foster broader debate in an era of rapid change, repeated crisis, but unparalleled opportunities to drive positive global change.


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