Charles Goredema

Charles Goredema, is an independent senior Research Consultant conducting research into the impact of trans-national crime networks on governance in some of Africa’s coastal cities. He has previously worked on projects within the Trans-national Threats & International Crimes division at the Institute for Security Studies (ISS). A lawyer by training, Charles’ career includes a stint in the prosecution of economic crime. He subsequently lectured in Criminal Justice in Zimbabwe and South Africa, while undertaking research and managing research projects in criminal justice. After joining the ISS in August 2000, Charles focused on studying emerging forms of transnational organised crime and money laundering. Most of his recent work focuses on the challenges of preventing and regulating money laundering in Eastern and Southern Africa. He has shared his findings with policy-designing institutions, regulators, law enforcement practitioners and civil society in these sub-regions and beyond at seminars, workshops and conferences. Some of his findings have been published, and can be accessed through the website of the ISS.

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