Civilian Capacity in the Aftermath of Conflict

The report makes recommendations designed to strengthen the capacity of countries emerging from conflict to make a successful transition to sustainable peace. These recommendations fit within a framework called OPEN: Ownership, Partnerships, Expertise and Nimble. They seek to:

  • Strengthen national ownership of peace processes, by supporting core government functions, nurturing national capacities and improving the economic impact of international interventions.
  • Encourage and enable the United Nations to look beyond its own staff and to draw on the full range of global capacities, working closely with Member States and civil society through a new mechanism for civilian partnerships.
  • Deliver the right expertise, leveraging the success of the cluster system in the humanitarian sphere – while learning from its limitations – to provide clarity on the core capacities of the United Nations, and stronger accountability to Member States.
  • Use available resources more effectively and efficiently and thus increase the United Nations responsiveness to changing circumstances in the field.

The Senior Advisory Group also examined the United Nations human resources management systems. It makes recommendations to improve the rapid deployment of the right people in fast-moving field operations.

Read the full report here

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Aug 19, 2011
Bruce Jones