Trajectories of Peace Operations

We are pleased to share think-pieces on the current state and future trajectories of peace operations by members of the Center on International Cooperation

In a short paper for the Center for International Peace Operations, the German think-tank, Jake Sherman and Richard Gowan argue that as NATO pulls back from Afghanistan and the UN downsizes some missions (including those in Haiti and the Congo) organizations including the AU, Arab League and ASEAN may take more responsibility for new peace operations.
The following are papers also published by the Center for International Peace Operations after a joint seminar with CIC on peacekeeping partnerships:
In an op-ed published by World Politics Review, CIC Director Bruce Jones argues that in cases from Haiti to Cote d'Ivoire, UN forces have proved more resilient to major challenges than many commentators had feared. But debates about costs have obscured these successes and may undermine future operations. The oped is available here. Dr. Jones draws on CIC's Annual Review of Global Peace Operations 2012. 

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Mar 14, 2012
Richard Gowan, Bruce Jones