Soomin Lee

Program Associate

Soomin Lee is a Program Associate for the Global Development program at CIC. She assists in working with donors, external partners and the UN member states in accelerating the delivery of Peaceful, Just and Inclusive Societies for SDG 16.  

Previously, Soomin worked in the financial services industry from private equity to corporate finance and completed financial training program at GE for the Asia Pacific region. She also has experience with various organizations including UN OCHA, WFP USA, UN SDSN and Mercy Corps tackling on pressing problems to achieve sustainable development by 2030 through promoting engagement from government, private sector, NGOs and civil societies and driving financial resources to create lasting social impact. 

Soomin holds a master’s degree from Columbia University School of International and Public affairs in international development and a dual degree in English Literature and Language and Business Administration from Korea University.