Peacekeeping in Africa : The evolving security architecture

This new Routledge volume, edited by Marco Wyss and Thierry Tardy provides a comprehensive analysis of the trends and challenges of international peacekeeping in Africa. In their contribution to the volume, former CIC staff member Megan Gleason-Roberts and CIC Senior Program Officer Alischa Kugel analyze the changing dimensions of international peacekeeping in Africa, including how civilian-led political missions, regional deployments and over the horizon security guarantees are increasingly important tools for crisis response. The risks of changing strategies are manifold, and are often driven by rapidly unfolding situations rather than a strategic or coherent vision. Yet, developments over the past year have demonstrated the important role that peace operations continue to play in supporting post-conflict and post-crisis states as well as the continued national demand for this type of support.

The full Routledge publication is available here.

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Feb 25, 2014
Alischa Kugel , Megan Gleason-Roberts