Resource Scarcity

Is it enough to ensure people’s basic needs are met, or is a more egalitarian approach needed that tries to reduce inequality in access to resources? Does it make sense to think about equity of access to a particular resource (carbon permits, for example) or is it more helpful to think about overall wealth or income distribution and the entitlement to resources of all kinds that this carries with it?  CIC's research on the topic of resource scarity is led by Alex Evans, who as written extensively on the challenges of living in a more resource-scarce world.

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South Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa

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  • Debate on the successor to the Millennium Development Goals has now begun in earnest. The UN Secretary General has made the agreement of new goals a centerpiece of his second term, promising to "forge consensus around a post-2015 sustainable development framework and implement it."  This paper provides an overview of the MDGs and their expected status in 2015; describes the background to , and options for, a post-2015 framework; discusses the political challenges of agreeing a new framework; and sets out considerations for governments and other stakeholders.

    Apr 24, 2012
    Alex Evans, David Steven
  • As resource scarcity issues – like water, land, food and energy – become more intertwined, so the importance of multilateral system coherence on these issues also increases. At present, though, the international system is fractured into single issue silos, each of which only deals with one fragment of the big picture.  

    Read the full Policy Paper here

    Dec 01, 2011
    Alex Evans
  • Today, the world produces enough to feed all seven billion of its inhabitants – but nearly a billion people still go without. This paper is about why this global scandal continues, and what can be done to solve it. Its central argument is that access to food is as important as how much food is produced – and that in a world of food price volatility, climate change and other kinds of shocks and stresses, the challenge of building resilience in the food system takes on overwhelming importance.

    Jun 01, 2011
    Alex Evans